Watercolor Flowers Painting Tutorial

Shannon Cameron shows you how she paints watercolor flowers. You can see more of Shannon on her YouTube channel.

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Starting Watercolor Flowers

Using the right paper will greatly effect the success of your watercolor painting. Because of this, we recommend using a watercolor paper like the one linked above. This is a thicker paper that will warp less and prevent unwanted feathering.

While not required, people often start a watercolor flower painting like most others by sketching an outline. Using a similar color as the paint you will be using will help prevent the outline from being too strong. While Shannon used a standard pencil, she could have used a pink pencil to outline her flower pedals for better results.

Painting Watercolor Flower Pedals

Once you have your outline (if you choose to use one), it is time to start painting! Because the white of the paper is used to control the value, Shannon starts applying paint in the darker areas of the pedals. This allows her to blend the watercolor pigment into the white of the paper. Doing this will give a smooth gradient and prevent mistakes of making areas too dark. If you do put too much pigment in an area, you may be able to remove it with a paper towel or cloth while it is still wet.

While painting, you may find that as an area dries it becomes lighter than when it was wet. If this happens, you can apply more watercolor to that area to make it darker. When you become familiar with the paints you are using, you will get better at applying the right amount of pigment in the first pass. This will reduce the amount of time you spend on each painting.