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As an artist, one of the best ways to make money online is by creating a website. Having your own site will allow you to connect with your fans and better establish your brand. Creating a storefront on your page is typically the most profitable way to sell your work as you are not paying a commission to a third party service.

You can use the following tool to check for available URLs and if you choose to purchase a domain or hosting with Bluehost after clicking “check availability”, it helps support us at no cost to you.

Mailing List
One of the most common responses from artists and other business owners when asked what they would have done differently when they started is that they wish they would have created a mailing list from the beginning! This is because having a mailing list ensures you have a way to reach your fans. Social media and search engines often change the way they show content to their viewers, and this can means your content may not reach its intended audience.

Distributing to a mailing list requires a third party service due to rules to govern spam. We recommend using AWeber as it is one of the most trusted and robust services available.
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Online Art Communities
Being an active member in art communities can have a wide array of benefits. Not only will these give you another channel to distribute your content to new people, but these can be places where you engage with other artists to collaborate or discuss how to reach your goals for success. Below are some of the best online art communities.

Deviant Art
This is the largest art community online with over 38 million registered users and over 65 million unique visitors per month. Being an active member on this site and properly nurturing the connections you make could greatly increase the exposure to your work.
This is a great place to post if your are looking for feedback to improve your work. You can post your work here to have other users critique your work and suggest improvements. There’s a great number of amazingly talented artists the frequent this site and are willing to provide valuable feedback.

If you’re a 3D artist or interested in the video game industry, this is a great site for you! Much like, the forums on Polycount have areas where you can post your work to receive feedback. The community on the site also host competitions where you could win prizes.